Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What we do (every activity, sleeping, yawning, walking, yawnig or dreaming etc. ) are governed only by energy, without enrgy we cant even imagine any simple biochemical reaction or the whole metabolic framework .. Its true for all the universal identities.  The famous energy equation,
E=mc2.  2 is superscript (shows energy and mass relationship), e= energy, M=mass . ‘c’  is velocity or may be the vitality.. Energy and mass are the base but Mass without velocity or vitality has no sense or simply lifeless. It hold true for the yogic science. .. I find somewhat related to the shiva –shakti  concept..shiva being providing athe base to all energy (shakti).. both are inseparable interconvertible immersed in one another ..No distinction when forming Life. As the human body is also a form of shiva-shakti the ANSH or part of that.
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May Shiva bless all.. OM SHIV GORKH ADESH ADESH!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Adesh Adesh.....
नाम की  अगन पे तपा,
 9 नाथ 84 सिदों ने किआ धूणेपाणी का मता,
Dhuna is essentially a part of yogi.. Yoga dont need special mats, clothes to wear, nw  postures  or asana  are just for photography. UNFORTUNATE FOR YOGA..It  IS BECOMING A TAG..#yog #yogi #yogini #posture  #spiritual #culture #gorakh ...


Friday, December 8, 2017


Lingam is a symbol of Shiva′s phallus in spiritual form, The lingam contains the soul-seed within which lies the essence of the entire cosmos.
#YOG #YOGI #SHIVA #SHAKTI #CULTURE #SPIRITUALISM... The lingam arises out of the base (Yoni) which represents Parvati ,MAA SHAKTI.AS A WHOLE SHIVA SHAKTI... OM SHIV GORAKH YOGI ADESH ADESH!!!


THIRTY THREE TYPES OF DEITIES IN HINDUS.. NOT 33 CRORES... ADESH ADESH!! THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF DEVI DEVTA in Hinduism... Oftn confused in numbers. Like 33 crores... Here are these types.. In  hindi.. Hindi Ek Abhiyan..#yog #spiritualism #culture #nath #devi #devta #india..
हिंदू धर्म के इन 33 देवी-देवताओं की गणना इस प्रकार हैं। देवताओं की इन 33 कोटि में आठ वसु, ग्यारह रुद्र, बारह आदित्य, इंद्र और प्रजापति शामिल है। 12 आदित्य - अंशुमान, अर्यमन, इंद्र, त्वष्टा, धातु, पर्जन्य, पूषा, भग, मित्र, वरुण, वैवस्वत और विष्णु
8 वसु - आप, ध्रुव, सोम, धर, अनिल, अनल, प्रत्यूष, प्रभाष
11 रूद्र - मनु, मन्यु, शिव, महत, ऋतुध्वज, महिनस, उम्रतेरस, काल, वामदेव, भव और धृत-ध्वज
2 अश्विनी - अश्विनी तथा कुमार (कुछ लोग इंद्र तथा प्रजापति के स्थान पर अश्विनी कुमारों को मानते हैं। इस प्रकार कुल 12 आदित्य + 8 वसु + 11 रूद्र + 2 अश्विनी कुमारों को मिलाकर कुल 33 कोटी देवता होते हैं। so there neend to develop understanding in hindus.. Be careful of #superstitions and #BRAHMANWAD.. Adesh adesh..

Saturday, August 19, 2017

YOGA and YOG VIDYA is eternal or Sanatana like OM.. the origin and end cannot be deYOGA IS SANATAN or ETERNAL... YOGA and YOG VIDYA is eternal or Sanatana like OM.. the origin and end cannot be defined on the basis of  historical timeline. They  may have been named differently as per convenience of  the people and races. But the essence of shiva and shakti  as  the source of cosmic or universal energy cannot be neglected. In our padhti (sect)  called #shree #nath yog….. #Omkar (adinath or shiva) #udaynath (#parvati or #shree)  #yogi #yogini #hathyoga #peace # love
“Sanatana Dharma”  is is a #Sanskrit word, Eternal Religion its meaning found over reaches all religious boundaries and refers to the unanimous spiritual vision and beliefs.  Whatever period of history or the #religious tradition the rules of yogic practices and experiences remain almost same . First realized by our #sages, it is often considered a synonym for #Hinduism (hindu is originally a geographic term in persian) being #universal and beyond any cultural conditionings.
All true religion is a facet of Sanatana padhti only …..A YOGIC PRACTITIONER MUST REALISE IT AND FOLLOW THIS IDEOLOGY TO BE A TRUE YOGI.Respect all faiths..om Shiv GOrakh... Adesh Adesh

Saturday, August 27, 2016


We can make someone our Guru but before that we should understand the importance of Guru in achieving our most desired spiritual path. Guru is a symbol of knowledge, guide and a spiritual healer. We may also define guru as a mediator or probably a chain to achieve the blessings or knowledge or experience of the Almighty.
Here I am putting some basic facts and the concepts about the SATGURU and the importance of satguru in the spiritual journey of an individual. OM is the origin as per the sanatan padhati. Omkar adinath is considered a Mahayogi Adinath . The GURU and SHISHYA, traditional may be thus attributed to Lord Shiva and Gorakh Nath ji is the yogic form of Adinath. Virtually the theory can be propounded that the GURU and SHISHYA tradition is the base of spiritual growth. The path leads to the mukti and moksha. so one must go for Diksha if aspiring for any advancement in terms of spirituality. In Nath yogis ther are two types of Diksha given. The one given to Grihsth (households) and second to the Sanyasis (have to remain without family life). The householder may later turn as sanyasi as per the orders of Satguru.
There five types of rituals in the nath samprday for the nath yogis which are given by different gurus or may be done by single or multiple gurus. The names of the gurus are named after the rituals. Like CHOTTI GURU, CHIRA GURU, UPDESHI GURU, BAHABUTI GURU, AND LANGOTI GURU, (I will discuss them in my later text)and very often the name of the disciple is changed. NATH title is given.
IT MUST BE CLEAR, the importance of satguru remains the utmost sometime referred as BHEKH BHAGWAN . in the picture Masya nath is with YOGI GURU MUKHTAR NATH JI.at DHUNASAHIB
I tried to give brief information. May lord Shiva Gorakh bless all …. ADESH ADESH … OM SHIV GORAKH !!!!!!